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Speaker at the TERN 2017 conference

Photo credits & summary of the event from: Webintravel

As the Chief Technology Officer of BeMyGuest, I was thrilled to be invited as a speaker at the TERN 2017 conference. This event brought together professionals from various industries to share their insights and experiences in the world of technology and innovation.

TERN is a networking and coaching platform designed for travel talent and startups, aiming to redefine perceptions of travel careers, address the mismatch between skills and new job opportunities, and help working travel professionals remain relevant and enriched throughout their careers. The one-day event held in Singapore on August 26, 2017, offered industry insights from travel leaders, discussions on key trends and issues in talent attraction and retention, and practical advice on how to land and maintain a dream job in the dynamic travel industry. Catering to university students, fresh graduates, travel and tourism hospitality students, young travel professionals, and industry professionals who want to remain relevant in their careers, TERN provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn, network, and grow in the exciting world of travel.

It was really a fun experience with a lot of networking, I personally know about cases when TERN attendees connected with great companies and then got hired within travel industry. Highly recommended event!


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