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e27 Webinar: Innovation without Compromise: Navigating Security and Growth / 24.04.2024

In yesterday’s panel discussion, “e27 Innovation without Compromise: Navigating Security and Growth,” we were asked during the closing remarks about one actionable step startups can take to successfully navigate these areas.
A couple of thoughts crossed my mind and I decided to share them here with you, I hope it will be useful.

My advice? Start simple.

Focus first on setting up one key document to gather all your immediate, achievable goals and security policies—those low-hanging fruits that can give you quick wins. Make sure this document does not just become another file lost in the digital abyss.

Assign a dedicated team member to champion this cause, ensuring it’s a regular topic of discussion in your weekly product and continuous improvement meetings.

Remember, the emphasis on security must come from the top. It’s not just a task for the tech-savvy on the team; it’s a leadership directive.

And a tip for my fellow startup leaders: use your early-stage status to leverage offers and freebies from big players like Okta, AWS, Google, etc. It’s a strategic move that can provide substantial benefits as you scale. If they don’t have a startup-shaped offer, ask them to create one! (And this way also help other startups). Let’s keep it straightforward and focused. 🚀

What are your low-hanging fruits when it comes to tech security? Any obvious recommendations for startups?

When it comes to tech services for startups related to security with a FREE initial package available you should look into: NewRelic.com, Sentry.io, HostedScan.com, Snyk.io, GitHub.com and many others. What’s your pick?

Thank you again @e27co and @okta for the invite.

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