BeMyGuest as one of THE WORLD’S 50 MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANIES 2016 by Fast Company Magazine!

BeMyGuest, singaporean start-up in which I have the privilage to be the head of IT just appeared on this list.  We’re marked as #4 in 2016 in Travel Sector (right next to the industry leaders such Airbnb and Uber who also joined the ranks in the same category). We’re also been conferred the honour of being the first ever Singapore-based startup to join this ranking!Read More


Passwords management for dummies

This entry was created mainly because I was fed up of repeating the same over and over again to my friends, family and clients about basic online security & password management. You’d probably find a lot of similar articles online but I hope you can find it useful either way and I will have my own

But what all the fuss ?? Can’t I just put  `123456` everywhere?

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Self-Motivating videos for entrepreneurs

I happen to run into situation when I lack of energy to work, which very often leads directly to procrastination.  Enormous amounts of books has been written on self-motivation topics.
When I happen to catch myself on wondering in circles over and over again then I usually reach for conference talks conducted by other experienced entrepreneurs.  That was also one of the reasons , why I started to attend to classes provided by ASBIRO, which I highly recommend. Below some recommended examples.