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How to Promote Your Self-Made Laravel Package

So, you’ve poured your heart and soul into a shiny new Laravel package, and now it’s time to show it off to the world. But how? Well, here are some top-notch strategies that’ll get your package the attention it deserves.

Document Like a Pro

Start by crafting a complete README.md file. Include every detail about your package, from installation instructions to usage examples. Don’t forget to tag your GitHub repository with at least 20 relevant tags to ensure Packagist can link and distribute it properly.

Submit to Laravel Package Directories

Leverage Laravel News

Add your package to the Laravel News Links section. This is a great way to reach a dedicated Laravel audience.

Reach Out to Laravel Daily

Send a submission to Laravel Daily. They often feature new and exciting packages.

Community Forums

Feature in Awesome Lists

Submit your package to Awesome Laravel and other curated lists. This is like getting a Michelin star for your code.

Discord and Slack

Reddit Crossposting

If your package has a specific niche, like an API wrapper for OpenAI, crosspost on relevant subreddits such as r/OpenAI and r/Laravel.

Create a YouTube Tutorial

Make a short video demonstrating your package. Show people how it solves a common problem. Visual aids can be incredibly compelling.

Write About It

Post on Dev.toMedium, and your own blog. Articles can provide more in-depth insights into your package.

Facebook Groups

Share your package in Laravel user groups on Facebook. These communities are often very active and engaged.

Laravel Tricks

Post about your package on Laravel Tricks. It’s another platform frequented by Laravel developers.

Social Media Blitz

Tweet, share, and shout about your package on all your social media platforms.

Comment Marketing

Google “best Laravel packages” and add thoughtful comments to relevant articles and blogs. Mention your package where appropriate.

By following these steps, you’ll not only boost visibility but also establish your package as a valuable resource in the Laravel community. Happy coding, and may your package become the next big thing!

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